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  • July 27, 2020
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This refers to the article, ‘Government urged to ban sale of e-cigarettes’ (July 16). The argument given is that they are bad for you and are impractical and a deficit to improve the local health sphere. The article also lauds India for their supposed ban on e-cigarettes. A mere Google search reveals that Modi’s decision to ban them has actually had a counter-effect. Like Pakistan, enforcement is weak and deters only legit players. Today paan shops across India are flooded with cheap, low quality, made in China varieties of e-cigarettes that are sold openly albeit illegally.

Tobacco harm reduction is a globally recognized movement being adopted rapidly with a lot of scientific data and evidence backing the positive impact it is making in cigarette smokers’ health. The combustion of tobacco is more harmful, whereas alternatives such as e-cigarettes, vapes and other heated tobacco products pose a lesser health risk as compared to smoking a cigarette. These alternatives have proven to be far more successful than any other mechanism to stop people from smoking. Urge the government not to ban, but regulate the sale of e-cigarettes and provide smokers with the knowledge to make better choices. It’s a more rational approach.

Courtesy :  The News

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