Black market sale of cigarettes causes Rs77.3bn damage to exchequer

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  • November 19, 2020
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ISLAMABAD: Black market cigarettes sales resulted in tax evasion of Rs77.3 billion Pakistan during the fiscal year 2019-20, a representative of Pakistan Tobacco Company (PTC) said on Thursday.

The counterfeit cigarette trade has also increased to approximately 2.75 billion sticks per annum.

Illicit cigarettes accounted for 37.6 per cent of total consumption in Pakistan in March 2020 compared to 31.5 per cent just from a year earlier. Sources within the industry claimed that a number of domestic companies evade taxes, adding that around 10 brands are involved in smuggling through Afghan transit

Similarly, a price gap of Rs39 has also been reinstated between legitimate and illicit cigarettes owing to the unprecedented increase in excise rate (Rs854 to Rs1,650) during the last year.

Due to high inflation rate in Pakistan, the spending power of the consumers has reduced, and the consumption volume is expected to shift towards non-duty-paid cigarettes, which would have an adverse impact on government revenue.

The PTC representative said that although the government intends to introduce a track-and-trace system, its success is dependent upon across the board implementation as well as enforcement to check at retail level.

The representative said that there is a need to reduce the minimum pack price to reduce the sale of non-taxed cigarettes.

The Federal Excise Duty (FED) on unmanufactured tobacco needs to be increased to Rs500 kg, he added.

“Our estimate suggests that the share of illicit cigarettes stands in the range of 16 to 18 per cent causing Rs24 billion losses to our revenues,” Member Tax Policy FBR Chaudhry Muhammad Tarique said in a policy dialogue on tobacco taxation.

Courtesy :  Pakistan Today

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